Artesana’s FLAVORS

Because our ice cream is made from scratch fresh–right in the store–available flavors vary. Our Ice Cream Store offer at least 50 fresh flavors throughout the seasons. Come see what we’ve made for you today!

Whether you’re treating yourself, or someone you love, we will offer you the best experience, full of flavor and uniqueness. Artesana has more than 100 artisanal gourmet recipes with delicious ice cream made from real and natural ingredients – just a few steps from the counter where it’s served — it always tastes fresh and made from scratch, you will love the unique and traditional flavors.

We continue working for you and creating new flavors everyday!

How many flavors have you tried?

Ice Cream Made with Honey

vanilla ice cream
Vanilla Bean
hersheys chocolate ice cream
Hershey’s Chocolate
strawberry ice cream
Cherry Chocolate Chip
cajeta ice cream
chocolate chip banana ice cream
Chocolate Chip Banana
cookie dough ice cream
Cookie Dough
pecan ice cream
Butter Pecan
cinnamon coconut ice cream
Cinnamon Coconut
peanut ice cream
Peanut Butter
prune ice cream
Butter Scotch
arroz con leche ice cream
Arroz Con Leche
decaf cappucino ice cream
Decaf Cappucino
cookies and cream ice cream
Cookies & Cream
guava ice cream
peppermint chocolate chip ice cream
Peppermint Chocolate Chip
cream cheese berries ice cream
Cream Cheese & Berries

Non Dairy Ice Cream

mixed berry sugar free ice cream
Mixed Berry
pina colada ice cream
Pina Colada
coconut ice cream
strawberry colada ice cream
choco coconut ice cream
Choco Coconut
mango colada ice cream
lemon ice cream


big foot trax ice cream
Big Foot Trax
choco habanero ice cream
Choco Habanero
apple pie ice cream
Flavor of the Month

Sizes and Available Options

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1/2 Pints – Pints – Quarts

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