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Artesana - Scooping Happiness for Three Generations

Go Natural

Made from Scratch Ice Cream sweetened with honey or kabocha extract and all the power of natural fruit!

Artesana is an American ice cream shop making 100% natural ice cream from scratch. We are located in Marion, North Carolina and currently serving Buncombe and McDowell Counties. We have more than 20 years of experience in the ice cream industry, and more than 70 years of family tradition…being the third generation. We are an Ice Cream Parlour, Shop, & Wholesale Distributor.

What makes our ice cream so great AND why it should be a part of YOUR menu:

Our Ice Cream is delicious and a great source of healthy benefits, you will be impressed and satisfied with our treats, created to make you happy, and enjoy a tradition that brings positive energy and nutrition to your body, mind and spirit, with awesome options for lovers of milk ice cream or plant based, fruit, nuts, and also with good options for diabetics and people with certain allergies, gluten free and Non GMO. We have options for everyone and if we don’t have it yet, we will create it for you!

natural fruit


The ice cream is made with fresh ingredients, 100% Natural Fruits, Pasteurized Milk, Pure Honey, and Natural Gums. Our Non Dairy is made with Coconut Milk, Natural Fruit, and Kabocha Extract. Excellent sources of essential vitamins, minerals, high in fiber, antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D, and more. The kabocha extract is a glycemic free food, and we use it in some of our nondairy treats, is a zero calorie, zero glycemic that tastes identical to cane sugar.

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Made from Scratch

Each flavor is made from a specific recipe, all flavors are different and they need different processes. We make the ice cream from scratch, by hand, from natural fruits, nuts, roots, cocoa and other ingredients our customers enjoy. Our family recipe allows for any flavor to be created in a unique and delicious way, extracting the flavors and using a formula that is based in the quality of the raw materials, its why Artesana tastes like it just come out of grandmas kitchen .

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Tastes Great

The recipe and high quality of the products used in our ice cream will allow you to experience a different kind of goodness. Our artisanal gourmet style, will let you test a delicious, creamy, sweet and a pure explosion of flavors in a frozen tasty treat. A traditional family recipe that has been enjoyed by thousands for three generations. The kind of treat you will love more and more each trip. Artesana sticks to the true origins of its ingredients its why is so delicious!

Our Ice Cream Shop Story

The recipe begins with Grandfather Agustin, in Tlacotalpan Veracruz, Mx in the 1950s. A medical surgeon by profession and lover of gourmet cooking, he wanted to make something good, healthy and delicious for his family, he enjoyed their smiles, togetherness and traditions. Traditions he wanted to pass from generation to generation. He created his own recipe, made from scratch and 100% natural. The ice cream he made was only for home consumption for many years.

grandfather agustin
ana & jose luis

Ana, his daughter inherited the talent and with her husband Jose Luis an Italian descendant started a family business with this recipe in Texcoco edo Mx in the year 2000, with the fusion of two cultures and new flavors, they opened more stores, and to this day, they are a tradition in Texcoco edo MX. They passed this art and made it a tradition for the third and following generations,

Agustin IV also inherits this talent and passion for making ice cream at a very young age, opening his first shop when he was 17 years old. Ana’s son migrates to the United States in 2017 to join his wife Sandy in Marion NC and start a new dream; together they open the first store in the USA. Artesana (Ana’s Art) was born, the ice cream shop was named to honor his mothers art, inheritance and passion, for more than two years the couple continued working together and adding new American flavors, perfecting and creating new formulas in addition to the traditional, to accommodate everyone’s needs and wants. The environment, support from their community and naturally made from scratch recipe allowed for this work to be carried out.

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Visit us at our Ice Cream Shop

Our Ice Cream Shop is located on Main Street, Marion NC. Our small town sits at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and will take you on an adventure you won’t forget, if you are in Marion for a day or a weekend, stopping by Artesana Ice Cream is a most! We are open seven days a week, year round. You can try unique flavors and maybe even name the next one! if you ask Chocolate Habanero is the best!!! See you soon.

Artesana Ice Cream Staff

Agustin Precoma Our General Director and Chief of Operations and Production with more than 20 years of experience making ice cream creating recipes and operating businesses.

Marion, NC

Sandra Precoma Our Executive Director and Wholesales Chief, with 20 years of experience in projects management and International Business Administration.

Marion and Buncombe