“Memories of family, togetherness, happiness and good times…” Sandra Precoma recalled when asked about her childhood memories of an ice cream shop in Mexico.

Even after living in Marion for 20 years, that ice cream shop still held a special place in her heart.

The shop was run by Augustine Precoma’s family, with many of the recipes from his Italian father’s side.

Artesana Ice Cream opened on 76 South Main Street on July 4.

News 13 saw a steady stream of customers, many delighted with the unique flavors.

“Who would have thought prune ice cream? It’s delicious!” one customer exclaimed.

“That’s some pretty serious ice cream,” remarked Louise White.

White was part of a group from Morganton who say they made the 30 minute trip after a previous visit to Artesana.

“I remember back in the old days my family used to make banana ice cream in a churn. So, I’m reminded of that texture and flavor with the banana of this flavor,” White said.

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